Twin Folders

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Release notes (Mac version)

See also: Release notes (Windows version).

Version 1.4

Released 2024-Jan-25. New features:
- A popover showing a list of newer or unique files now has a context menu, allowing you to copy the list of files.

Version 1.3

Released 2023-Mar-23. New features:
- Dialog box for orphan files has changed, and now contains only two buttons: Delete and Copy. - Help file improved, now contains more information about accessing remote folders.

Version 1.2

Released 2022-Jan-26. New features:
- The Security | Manage Saved Passwords menu command added, allowing to review and individually remove saved security items for remote host access, such as passwords, private keys, and passphrases for private keys.

Version 1.1

Released 2021-Feb-22. New features:
- Drag-drop can be used for selecting folders;
- Remote folders can be accessed via SFTP (SSH file transfer).

Version 1.0.1

Released 2020-Aug-27. Initial release.
- Functional equivalent of Twin Folders 5.0 for Windows.