Twin Folders

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Frequently Asked Questions

See also: FAQs - Subscription, Billing, and License Activation.

I cannot install Twin Folders using the Install button on the site.

You can download the installer and run it.

How do I keep a list of folder pairs and switch between them?

Twin Folders keeps a list of recently synchronized folder pairs automatically. You can quickly switch between them using the File | Recent Folder Pair menu command.

How do Twin Folders compare files?

Twin Folders checks the last modification date/time for a file. File size and content are not compared.

Are subfolders processed?


How do I synchronize files between two computers?

See Accessing remote folders.

Can I synchronize to a removable media, like USB flash drive?

Yes, for example for backup purposes.

What if I occasionally select folders that should not be synchronized?

Twin Folders is smart. If it finds that selected folders do not match, it will warn you and will refuse to synchronize.